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Due by Thursday, February 8, 2024

Each senior will write a biographical sketch to be read by the MC, Master of Ceremonies, as the senior crosses the stage to receive his/her diploma. As the bio is read, a power point showing three pictures of the senior will appear on the screen. 

Completed bios and pictures should be sent in the body of an email, please don’t attach a document.

Please include phonetic spelling of your first, middle, and last name. This is for our MC to pronounce your name correctly as you cross the stage.

Pictures from 3 different times in the senior’s life. The list below will explain how to choose which pictures to email.

  • 3 Pictures in JPG file format
    • Baby – Age 1-3 (landscape orientation photo)
    • Pre-teen – Age 9-11 (landscape orientation photo)
    • Senior Photo (portrait orientation photo)
  • Pictures need to be of a high quality and show the senior’s face well.

Bios may contain up to a maximum of 70 words. Word count is strictly enforced.  Bios over 70 words will be sent back for revision, we will not edit your bio. Bios generally contain common elements, but it is not required that each bio include all of them. Choose what works best in your own situation.

  • Parents’ names and number of years homeschooled
  • Extracurricular activities or volunteer work
  • Church affiliation and activities
  • Awards and achievements
  • Scholarships earned
  • Future plans
  • Acknowledgement of people who’ve been important to you


John Alan Brown is the oldest of Tom and Suzy Brown’s six children. He has been homeschooled since fourth grade. John loves military history and has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. His is a member of Bible Baptist Church, where he served as camp counselor for three summers. John’s future plans include college and the military. He wishes to thank his grandmother for her unwavering support.

Jane Elizabeth Adams has been homeschooled her whole life. Her favorite subjects are creative writing and art. She has played piano since age four. Jane was captain of the Dolphins’ Swim Team her senior year and won first place in women’s freestyle at the Midwest championship meet. Jane will attend Kansas State University on a swimming scholarship. She is grateful to her coach for pushing her to succeed.