Below are all the class committees that FHE Seniors may choose from when registering. You are highly encouraged to consider joining at least one class committee.

  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for creating and printing the ceremony programs.
  • CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: (Parents Only) This committee measures students for graduation gowns in a discreet, appropriate manner. Members must attend September and/or October meetings.
  • CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE: This group straightens the room after class meetings and cleans after special events.
  • FLOWERS AND STAGE DECORATION COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for ordering flowers and decorating the ceremony stage.
  • GRADUATION SPEECH: This committee is comprised of seniors interested in addressing the class during graduation. Parent volunteers give speaking tips and make sure the graduation speeches are polished. Auditions will be held for interested students in January 2018 (final date will be announced later).
  • MUSIC COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for music during the graduation ceremony. Click here to view the music guidelines and find contact information to schedule your audition.
  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE: This committee plans social events, dances, and activities for the senior class. This committee decorates for the dances and takes photos during events.
  • T-SHIRT COMMITTEE (FULL): This committee is responsible for designing, ordering, and distributing the class t-shirt.
  • YEARBOOK COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for designing the content, layout, and format for the class yearbook.