The parents of senior, Lauren Gunter, would like to invite FHE seniors and their families to their home for a game night! Saturday, March 6 from 6-??pm. They have lots of games but invite you to bring a favorite if you’d like. They are graciously providing chili and all beef hot dogs! Come enjoy a bowl of chili, Frito chili pie, chili dog, or just a plain hot dog in the company of friends. Bring a 2 liter of your favorite soda or a snack to share! Thank you Erick & Leagh!
Please RSVP through the link on the senior class Facebook page!









Our next Senior Activity is Friday, Feb 12.  Live Action Among Us! Details are under the monthly meetings and activities tab.








Winter Dance!

February 27th

See the events tab for more details!

Theme:  Snowflake Soiree