Both rehearsals are mandatory. All graduates and at least one parent must attend in order to participate in graduation. NO EXCEPTIONS!

1st Rehearsal:
Date = Thursday April 18, 2019
Time = 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location = Country Meadows Baptist Church (4901 Lees Summit Rd, Kansas City, MO)

2nd Rehearsal (see additional notes below):
Date = Monday May 6, 2019
Time = 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Location = Connection Point Church (formerly First Baptist Raytown) (10500 East 350 Highway, Raytown, MO)

Date = Saturday May 18, 2019
Time = 2:00pm
Location = Connection Point Church (formerly First Baptist Raytown) (10500 East 350 Highway, Raytown, MO)

Additional important information about the 2nd Rehearsal:

  • Please arrive early to pick up your diplomas, t-shirts and other items so you can be in your seats ready to begin at the scheduled start time.
  • As you arrive, the choir and musicians may be rehearsing. Please enter quietly so you don’t disrupt their limited rehearsal time.
  • Parent seats will be labeled with stickers according to your student’s last name. Please don’t make any changes to the seating, even if it seems off.
  • Seniors should take their seats in the choir loft. They’ll be marked with the lineup cards from the 1st Rehearsal. Sit in the correct chair and hold onto your card.
  • Try on your gown before rehearsal. If there are problems with the size or length, that will allow enough time to make alterations, if necessary.
  • Please bring your cap to rehearsal. It will be helpful for you to use during practice so you know what to expect graduation day. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS WRITTEN ON THE INSIDE OF THE CAP. We don’t want any missing caps on graduation day. There are no replacements.
  • Ladies, it is highly recommended that you wear the shoes you plan to wear during graduation. There is quite a bit of walking and you will be going up and down stairs so please keep that in mind.
  • Parents will sign and pick up diplomas the night of rehearsal. You will be responsible for your diploma once it is picked up. The empty covers will be handed out during the graduation ceremony. You will insert your diploma into the cover once you get it home after graduation. Please do not bring your diploma to graduation.
  • The PowerPoint slideshow will run the night of rehearsal so you will be able to see your graduate’s pictures on display and review the slide; that will be the last opportunity before gradation otherwise after rehearsal it is final.
  • Remember to bring your good attitude and be ready to pay attention. Rehearsal is a process. It’s likely we will hit some bumps and there will be issues to address. That’s why we rehearse!